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We LIKE Helping strays find homes!

Hi guys, it’s me again, Aidan.

My mom told me that if I “like” pictures on Facebook and comment, Facebook thinks they are important and more people see them.

So, I said I want to do that. If you see my mom’s page, Midwest Punk Rock Homesteaders commenting and liking dogs and cats on Facebook, that is ME!

You can do this, too. We can’t take in all the dogs and cats even if we would love to. I think Mom and Jim might be trying to sometimes. But we CAN do this. All of us. More people see them, they get to go to homes. This is good.

I am more of a cat person, if you want to know, but everybody needs love.


This is Mana. She was in Arizona, in a pound, but now she lives in Missouri. Because of Facebook!




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