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A Very Important Issue

I’d like to take a moment to talk to you all about a very important issue.

I’d like to do this, first, by insulting your intelligence.

Then, I’m going to call you a mean name.

After I am done doing that, I’m going to again insult your intelligence.

And then, I’m going to either insinuate or outright claim that you lack the moral fortitude, that I very clearly, being exceptionally superior to you- posses.

Then, I am going to insult your intelligence yet again.

After that, I’m going to be exceptionally bossy.

I’ll probably throw in a loosely affiliated quote, perhaps a straw man argument and then, I believe just to top that all off: I’m going to claim that whatever it is you are doing is inevitably going to lead to something truly horrifying. I’ll tell you how that slippery slope you’re on is no good, possibly even evil.

Then, I’ll probably call you a name again.


So, are you totally psyched about hearing what I have to say now?

…yeah, me neither.

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