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About our ducks, and the chickens.

Hey, I am here about two ducks, one called Bill and D.P. I will show how frightened they are (shy or not) sooner or later. Another thing i would like to tell you is that…well my blogs always go on Path P. it is weird. And the chickens, this will show also later, how many there are of each color. OK. we should get started on Bill and D.P.

D.P: Male, Black Phantom Duck. Likes: Being petted, Being with Bill. Status: Really Really Happy. This is what he looks like below:

Pacific Black Duck

Bill: Female, Unknown Type, Likes: Being with D.P. No Status, No picture found.

Image representing Bill Gates as depicted in C...
Image via CrunchBase


White count: 1- his name is Napoleon

Black sex links count: 3 or 2- one of them is Friar Tuck, one of them is Poot.

Eagle  (Mom says these are sebright chickens) count: 2 (-1 because i think it might of died) The one that lived is Serj Tankian.

Reds- there are a crap ton of these and one of them is called the Vagiant. My mom is nuts.

cochins- 3 I think. One is called Bootsie, one is called the Gooch.  The other one is Peter Merkin with a word in between there I am not allowed to type on the blog.

Sorry if that was short. Too short for you. Its OK. Bye. I thought i said bye. You can close this now. Unless you want to read it again. WAIT A SECOND WHY DID I GET A PICTURE OF BILL GATES!? That is NOT related to chickens but mom said something about cock. I don’t think he has any boy chickens?


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