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Dear Public Schooling Parents:

I think it’s probably about time someone said this to you- and I say this with all the love in my heart:

I don’t care what you think about my child’s homeschooling.

That’s right. I don’t.


Does that sound harsh? It’s really not. My decision to homeschool my children, like any other parenting choice I may make has absolutely no reflection on your child rearing decisions. None. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow, but I was neither condemning nor praising your parenting decisions when I informed myself and then made mine.

I’m just parenting my kids.

Just like you are.

The biggest opinion I might have, when you counter my negative opinion about public schools with how well your child is doing or did is: Well, awesome! 

It does not change my opinion of public schools. It does not change the fact that I do not want to enroll my children in them. All it does is affirm to me that you were or are doing something right.

The opinions I express about public school or society in general are just that: generalities. I have never been very clear on why it is when I say something positive about homeschooling or I am critical of our educational system, parents of public schooled or schooling parents take this personally. It’s not like it’s your fault schools are underfunded or run the way that they are. Hell, it’s not even the teacher’s faults, most of the time.

For me, the issues with public schools are varied and numerous. So, if your child does or has overcome those issues- to me that shows at least one of them is not a factor in your house hold. That factor would be, lack of parental involvement. I do believe that many parents think that school is where you send your kid to be raised by other people. I don’t believe that’s all parents, but I have known enough teachers to know that’s true in many cases. That doesn’t mean I automatically assume you do it if your child is in public school.

One more time, my decision to homeschool didn’t have anything to do with you, and it still won’t, even if you insecurely inform me of your child’s successes with it. And, it almost always comes across as insecure.

As to the question of socialization- I don’t even apologize for my harshness on that one: I really, honest to god, do not, nor will I ever give a flying rat’s ass in a stiff breeze about that. With my overwhelmingly negative opinion of societal norms, why on earth would I? My children are exposed to a diverse range of individuals, concepts and ideals- that is not the issue. They are being taught manners, but like any other 7 year old- of course, Sprog 2 slips. That’s normal. He is normal. As to being concerned about his ability to socialize: if you say this, I’m going to wonder what planet you landed on and what kid you’re talking about. Have you met my son? You know, the little guy who never met anyone he didn’t like, never stops asking questions and chatters on and on like a….normal 7 year old child?

I could also go into the trends I see among the general population of kids in public schools, but invariably I do that and someone imagines I’m insulting their child. I’m not. I’m critical of society. Therefor, if your child, being immersed in it does in fact, stand out as different: wonderful! You’re awesome! I’m happy for you! That’s it.

Further, being as (barring abuse and neglect) I honestly have very little concern for how you’re raising your kids: why on earth do you have such vast concern for the way I raise mine? Last I checked, most homeschooling parents do not feel it is necessary to comment in the manner that I am frequently subjected to on behalf of public schooling parents.

I mean, seriously, have you ever had a homeschooling parent ask you the sort of questions you seem to feel are completely appropriate to ask us?

I doubt rather highly you have.

The fact that you consider it completely acceptable to comment on, offer advice on, or impose your opinion or belief on me is also rather illustrative of some of the key issues I have with society in the first place. I do not nor would I assume that your choice to public school your child is somehow, some way, an insult to my parenting.

Matter of fact, I think on it very little until you bring it up. I suggest you do the same of my parenting decisions.


2 thoughts on “Dear Public Schooling Parents: Leave a comment

  1. I think you sum it up best when you say insecurity. As homeschooling parent I was very confident in my decision and I think that bothered some public school parents. I remember one neighbour asking in a hostile tone "Public schools are good enough for my kids, why aren't they good enough for yours?" It's almost like he felt my choice for my family somehow threatened the choices he made for his family…..when in fact, I never judged, criticized or even really thought about his choices as much as he seemed to think about my choicesBTW-LOVE the name of your blog


  2. At least you got an honest one- that told you all you needed to know about what he thought, right there. I just wish people understood one simple fact:I. Don't. Care.I mean, seriously, are these people out there thinking about what WE do and think when they make parenting decisions? Weirdos. 😉


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