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Baby Chicks = Bullies! (Homemade electrolytes)


I am learning a lot, and I hate the expense at which the lessons are coming. Last night, we were goofing around with the brooder box, just watching the chicks in there play and everything was fine- nothing amiss.

This morning, two dead chicks, one hanging on by a thread. First reaction, bawl like a baby. Second, go go red headed animal saver!

I don’t know much about chickens. I have read a lot, but when I saw this little baby panting, laying on its side and weak: I knew what it needed. I’m kinda a handy sorta lady to have around at times because I do have a brain full of random weird facts and I knew what I could do. At least, I suspected.

Baby needed hydrating and electrolytes. Quickly, but not too quickly.

I grabbed one of the gajillion gallon jugs I have around for various recycle projects, and mixed in about a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of baking soda, a tablespoon of sugar with the full gallon of water. Blended it like crazy. You know why? ‘Cause I’ve rescued wildlife before and that’s the mix we used for just such a situation.

How to get it into the poor baby? I soaked a paper towel and slowly drizzled it into her mouth until she started perking up. Once she started peeping and fighting me- I knew I was on the right track. That’s always been the thing with wild animals and rescue strays: struggling is GOOD. You just have to be firm and gentle.

I’ve got the little girl in a warmed aquarium with more soft paper towels on the bottom, warming light in there and fresh water and food near.

I was pouring the water into a sake glass, so, Sake is the baby’s name.

I just hope I can save her.

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  1. Right around 5 or 6 yesterday, she took a turn for the better. I'd been giving her fluids all day and I kept thinking she wasn't going to make it because she'd just lay there, looking like death warmed over. Well, after I gave her the fluids I put her over by the food which, I had to pull her back because she was SO voracious I was afraid she would make herself sick. Today, she's hopping around, doesn't need me to help her drink and is doing VERY well. Thanks!


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