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No Seeds, Yet. Lots of rain, though.

Yes.. This is bad. I had a tummy ache. My seeds are fine though. This is written with my iPad but
I might have it (for real) if I do chores. Remember, I am only 7.

I like playing with fonts and formats. On my computer I make animations and fake errors.
Mom is going to teach me to can food. Also autocorrect made me type can can. You know sometimes, autocorrect isn’t just a joke and it can spell things the right way? Mom says I’m not allowed to type “lol” but that really did make me laugh.

I need to figure out how to put a video on here because Jenna Marbles has one with her dog called “What Are This” and it is funny and looks like Minnie.

I wish it was warmer so spring could get going, but, that is Missouri.

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