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How To Cloth Diaper a Baby

My Intro To Cloth Diapering can be found…well, at the linked text, there. I assume your baby isn’t a rabbit wearing a bath robe and bunny slippers, mine isn’t either. However, it’s much easier to show how to diaper a baby on a stuffed rabbit.


Stuffed rabbit. Now, if it rolled over, revealing its chunky buns and tried to crawl away, you’d have the real experience.


Here are your supplies. Cover, diaper, Snappi. You might also use pins, I did with Sprog 2, but, in this we’re using the Snappi because it has spoiled me forever by not repeatedly pricking my fingers. That’s not to say they can’t nip a bit, but they’re much easier and less likely to catch on things. You can get these on Amazon for a variety of prices, but if you want to use pins- always put your thumb in front of the pointy end, and pin diagonally on the corner- pointy end going away from the baby.

Now, if you’ve got the sort of covers I do: you can do this one of two ways. The first, being,


roll your diaper up annnnnd…


Tuck it right in the hole in the top of the diaper cover. Which works okay on newborns. Not so much as they get older and pee more.

The second way looks a lot more complex than it is. I can do this while nursing, by now, without thinking much about it. Ready? Okay, here we go.


Lay the diaper flat under the baby. Kinda center your baby a bit, and then fold each side like so.


It’ll end up looking like this underneath your baby:


Or somewhere thereabouts, anyrate. Just depends on how you do things, but that’s the basic way of going about it.


Pull it up the center, like so, spread out the top a bit.


Fold that down, going in, towards the baby’s belly.


Pull the underside corner over and across.

The Snappi looks like this:


Use those hooks to grab the corner you just folded over.


Do the other side, exactly the same way.


Stretch the bottom down, hook it there.


Next, your cover goes under the baby, widest part at the top.


Pull it up in the center and


Snap the bottom snaps to the bottom and the top to the top at your desired tightness. It should be snug, but not too tight. Do both sides.


Check the front, back and legs for any diaper that is exposed. You do not want that. Tuck it in, or, well, leak pee out all over the place.


All tucked in and you’re done.

And, that’s really all there is to it. 🙂

Want to know more? Move on to Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Cloth Diapering and stay tuned….I felt a series coming on.

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