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We All Go To The Dogs

Hi, guys. It’s me, again. I am making a picture post for you today.

Some people asked about the dogs I talked about in my last post so, I’m going to write about them and introduce you around. They are good dogs. There aren’t really a 100 dogs, though. I’m going to have to write a report on the garden bed Mom made for me, yesterday but to do that I have to look up the history, too, she said. That is going to be hard because everybody is talking about hugelkultur. My mom tried it and she went bonkers. She showed me this pile of logs and stuff. I thought my iPad had come in, but still, the garden bed is neat. Anyway. Time to let you get to know the dogs that live here with us. Before we get started on that, you should know that everybody here loves dogs. I mean, really loves them. When my Mom and Dad were together, they worked in a shelter, helping dogs and cats. Sometimes rabbits, too. I have always had dogs and the first dog I knew was Max Moo. She was an old boston terrier and she was my Mom’s best friend. She got very old.

After we talk about the dogs, then we will get back to my gardening. I did plant some seedlings today and learned all about spacing them the right way and making labels. This is me from last year.

003 (7)

When we planted seeds today, my Mom laughed really hard at my labels.


I just didn’t have room for purple tomatillos, is all. She said any federal agent should realize I am 7 and I am still working on my handwriting.

Anyway. My Mom is nuts. Here are the dogs:

002 (15)

This is Spot and Buddy. Spot is one of Jim’s dogs. Buddy is also called Budditz, but I don’t know why.

I like Spot better because he’s smart. He is the smartest dog of all and likes to bring rocks to Jim. He taught Minnie to open doors.

006 (6)

This is Coco. She is also one of Jim’s dogs, but she is my Mom’s favorite. She guarded Mom’s belly when she was pregnant with Thomas, my little brother. She’s silly and will grab your hand in her mouth. She brings her food bowl when it’s time to eat and brings my Mom dead animals sometimes by leaving them on Jim’s floor. The skunks are gross.

003 (11)

This is Darragh. (Mom could you please spell that right when you check my blog to post it?) He is skinny here because when he first came to live with us, his belly didn’t like the dog food. He made big puddles of poop and it was nasty. He is eating food that doesn’t have any grain in it now and is much better and farts less.

005 (8)

This is Artemis Moo or sometimes they call her Fartemis Prime or Pig. She eats june bugs. Jim showed Mom a picture from a local shelter and the next thing that happened was, Mom and Kurt had a new dog. But, that’s not what Artemis wanted. She wanted to be my dog. So, she is.

010 (4)

This is Stella Moo, or Moo Dog. Mom calls her Moo Dog because some guy in a band had a dog he called Lou Dog and it stuck. She loves this dog like crazy, even though Stella is really nuts. She draws her picture a lot.

019 022 (3)

This one is Bio. Mom says she thinks Bio maybe got yelled at alot and that is why he acts spazzy. He can sit, he goes to bed to get his dinner and he eats everything. He ate Jim’s chairs and his coffee table.

026 (8)

This is Freda and she is Jim’s dog. She only likes Jim and Mom. She is a nice dog, but she is just really shy.


This is Minnie. She is Dad’s dog. She is another dog that got yelled at a lot and it made her so nervous she was on pills for it when Dad brought her home from the shelter. Mom said he had to because when he went in to work that day, she started screaming and whining until he took her out and played with her. She loved him right away and Mom and Dad got her to be not so scared and off the pills. She sleeps on me a lot and is very skinny because she runs all the time.


This is Taco. Jim got Taco because my Mom told him about some thing at a Farm Store and so, we went to get a puppy. He wanted to have this other one but it was already adopted, and so we brought Taco home. Taco is so much fun because he is tiny and runs a lot. He does not know he is a little dog at all and the other dogs don’t seem to know it either because he bosses them around and humps them.


Bio and Taco are best friends.

Well, those are our dogs. Mom says they are family like anybody else here is family. All I know is I never pooped on the floor, but I think they are family, too because you wouldn’t let just anyone poop on your floor and not look at them really weird if they did that.

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