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Get It Together, America!

If you look at my personal Facebook page, in one of my albums, the photos uploaded a bit….uh….interestingly.

I took my pregnancy cravings VERY seriously….

Let’s begin, first, with an appearance comparison based on Facebook- because everybody knows Facebook’s totally telling, right?

008 (3) 270060_2183031774643_7185160_n

Hmmm…well, that could mean anything, couldn’t it?

When he and I met- and we did meet online, I did what any sensible nerd does: I immediately stalked his photos. And that of his friends, because, well if I noticed a higher level of tagging- I figured it was worth a look, right?  (These photos were taken by his best friend, Jacob)

Please bear in mind that I am, at this point, rather heavily involved with a number of causes. Most of them, animal welfare related or poverty related. If I recall correctly, I was working on some kind of social media campaign to litter Rick Perry’s Facebook page with questions about gynecology– but that was after we met. (If you’d like perspective, I suppose. My dear friend Kelly actually was the one who started that- and oh, I giggle proudly over it on a fairly regular basis.) When he and I had discussed politics: I fumbled out my usual description: Well, mostly, I’m socialist. But the thing is, I just don’t see how its feasible on a Federal level. Still, I mean, I really believe in taking care of those who need it, a strong backbone of society being the working class- therefor, protecting them, and ideally, I’m socialist. Politically, I don’t know anymore. Everyone seems like a shithead.

So, there I am, stalking the photos when:

“Oh god. Is that…that’s…tha- no. But…he’s…an artist…so..that’s good, yeah?”

And then, “Photos from the 9/11 Truth Convention”.

I want my mummy!

Sweet baby jeebus, that’s Alex Freakin’ Jones and …Charlie Sheen?!

I had to stop and pray to Jello Biafra a moment. Pray for strength. What on earth was I doing?

Oh. Oh. The guy I’m …he…Ron Paul…Alex Jones…I TOOK THE RED PILL DIDN’T I?!

Now, I had already come to a point where labels did not mean a damn thing to me. Why should they? My opinion of politics in our nation can well be summed up like this:


Oddly enough, it wasn’t my “liberal extremist” mentality that eschewed labels. Matter of fact, I kept struggling with that. Trying so hard to define myself. Trying to cram myself into some sort of box that made sense. I know that above all else, I believe in compassion. I have a strong desire to help. I cannot look away from those suffering. I don’t want to be able to do that. This ties very strongly into another area of my life: my spirituality. This has been repeatedly called into question because I love exploring philosophies of all types, have an odd hobby of studying historic divination, and by and large am fairly open minded. If you really must slap a label on me: Hicksite Quaker.  Now, by this time- politically, I’d already started to look into Gary Johnson because of Jim, the man upstairs. (No, literally, he lives upstairs.) I liked him a bit, but…people often ask me about my Facebook political views thing- it says Voluntarism/Freedom. I’m supposed to tell you to Google it, but hey, man, I’m a helpful sorta gal. Just clicky the link.

I cannot even begin to tell you the number of people who immediately and completely lose their marbles over that. One’s a dirty word to lots of people; so’s the other.

And I absolutely love it. But that’s really beside the point- yeah, I like watching people slackjawed trying to figure out: howsat work?

The point is: I stopped and I listened to what he had to say. He listened to what I had to say. There has yet to be one bloodbath of a political fight in our home. I doubt there ever will be.

I really, truly do not care what political affiliation you put on the bumper of your car. I don’t. I watched this last election cycle with a co mingled sense of horror, apprehension and absolute disgust. I paid a lot of attention to the way debates went around the internet. In doing that, I became more disgusted and felt pretty sure I knew precisely what the problem was.

We have been groomed to root for our team. We have been blinded by division lines for so long that we refuse to see what it has done to our country. We so want to be right no matter what the cost. As we have done this- I firmly believe we’ve been distracted into where we are, collectively. You think things are going down the tubes? What were you distracted by, while that happened? Were you busy laughing at how the Occupy protesters got rubber bullets shot at them? Were you giggling over that jerk wad cop who maced those protesters?

Did you forget that they had every right to do it under our Constitution: something you claim to love?

I can also easily turn that around on gun control: and I don’t want to hear it. The Constitution isn’t yours to dictate- it is, however, yours to live by: with every right and responsibility that comes along with that. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty clear on a number of points. You cannot piss on someone else’s rights, and then whine about yours being violated. And everyone of us has those rights. It doesn’t matter what religion you follow. It doesn’t matter what sexuality or gender you are. It doesn’t matter if you want to have the gun of your choosing or if you want to marry your long term same gender partner. It doesn’t matter if you want to drink a humongous big gulp or if you want to enjoy raw milk. Our government has no place dictating any of this, for anyone- not just those you agree with.

And while everyone’s enjoying this big poo flinging match between faiths, between genders, between everything else under the sun that is broadcast in a media that has been shown time and time again to be geared at manipulating a willing populace: our nation is suffering. Splintering apart more each day. Because people would much rather bicker than compromise. People would much rather that whatever their chosen label may be dictate everyone else- and it’s not just influence, but laws and regulation.

Here now, we have corporations prancing around, the puppet strings controlling our government on many levels- out in full view- and we do have a connecting point. Each and every one of us, regardless of what we believe about these other issues, we care about the future of our nation.

If we can get it together, if we can stop caring more about who is “right” and forcing everyone to do as we would, and instead, did as we would- caring for each other on community levels, understanding we’re not always going to agree, but we are all in this together and in that, coming together in a better, stronger way: there is still hope.

I believe that there is.

I believe we all want to leave something better behind, for those in the future. If we focus on that, if we take it back to what this nation was really founded on- then we are on the right track.

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