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Around and about updates

Teabag seeds: Eeeeh. So far, I’m just not sure. However, I know I am at that “I’m just not sure” point you only get from obsessively eyeballing your seed starters, so I have to let it slide a bit. Still, keeping the towel moist has been…bleargh. Watched pots and all that. Waiting on seedlings drives me bonkers- and when I’ve got some seedlings already popping up outside to be excited about, it’s rough, man! I’ve got to get out and get my other containers prepped, as well as the raised beds. Kurt and I already prepared this awesome little side-bed out of a place that probably would have been overlooked in respect to vegetable gardening: but it’s nice, dark and wormy earth. I’m thinking salsa garden.

Sprog 2’s blog: He’s so excited. I’m trying to figure out if he’s excited to be gardening, excited to be blogging or if he’s more excited that he gets to do it on an iPad. Friend of mine was selling one for a sweeeet deal ($150) and my prior stance had been, “Uh, 7 year old with an iPad?! Not no, but UH UH.” until I read up on its use for school applications. I liked that, and I liked seeing him excited. It hasn’t come yet, but in the meantime, he has becoming surprisingly agreeable to pretty much anything I ask him to do. I can’t say I hate that too much. However, hearing him chatter on and on about the information he found as he researched his plants was nifty- so, I think it’s an all around good thing. Sidenote: the accounts are technically mine and I stand over him when he updates or to allow him to respond to comments. He is not allowed unsupervised internet time at all. He is allowed to choose his own related posts, photos, and mostly write whatever he wants: but he’s graded on it after the fact. 

The crib saga: I did it. I bought a prefab crib because I am the most unhandy person on the face of the planet. I am working on that, but in the meantime, Sprog 3 needed a place to sleep that fit his growing needs when he’s not snuggled up close to me. It began…like this:



But, turns out, this joke was….not a joke. I really did put it together with some parts upside down, some parts backwards.

I told you, I’m not good at this sort of thing!

In the end, however, after much swearing and repeated dropping of that mean, tiny hex key? (Which is apparently so named for the painful spell it casts on your thumb…)






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