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Planning My Garden

English: Golden flax (Linum flavum) in Natural...
English: Golden flax (Linum flavum) in Natural monument Kamenná (north-eastern Moravia, Czech Republic) Česky: Len žlutý (Linum flavum) v přírodní památce Kamenná u Staříče (severovýchodnívýchodní Morava) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Good Mother Stallard
Good Mother Stallard (Photo credit: angrywayne)
Reading about purple tomatillos

Hey, I’m sprog2.

I am 7 years old, live in the middle of nowhere. I have like 100 dogs that are always up my butt and really it’s weird.

I’m planting stuff. Today I read about what I need to do for the following plants I want to plant.

1. Purple tomatillo.

2.Tiger melons.

3. All Sweet Watermelons.

4. Organic dancing with smurfs tomatoes.

5. Red romaine lettuce.

6. Gentlina lettuce.

7. Blue lake bush beans

8. Good mother Stallard pole beans

9. White wheat.

FINAL. Golden flax

My mom asked me to write about what I think about gardening and I think that its ok. It’s exciting to be making my own food, i just wish we could grow steak. I LOVE steak.

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  1. […] Sprog 2′s blog: He’s so excited. I’m trying to figure out if he’s excited to be gardening, excited to be blogging or if he’s more excited that he gets to do it on an iPad. Friend of mine was selling one for a sweeeet deal ($150) and my prior stance had been, “Uh, 7 year old with an iPad?! Not no, but UH UH.” until I read up on its use for school applications. I liked that, and I liked seeing him excited. It hasn’t come yet, but in the meantime, he has becoming surprisingly agreeable to pretty much anything I ask him to do. I can’t say I hate that too much. However, hearing him chatter on and on about the information he found as he researched his plants was nifty- so, I think it’s an all around good thing. Sidenote: the accounts are technically mine and I stand over him when he updates or to allow him to respond to comments. He is not allowed unsupervised internet time at all. He is allowed to choose his own related posts, photos, and mostly write whatever he wants: but he’s graded on it after the fact.  […]


  2. I absolutely Love your ideas and pictures! This was very articulate and well thought out. Maybe start off with growing chicken or rabbit? mmmm!Garden planning is S much fun! Let us see pics in a couple weeks!


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