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Sprog 1 and The Used Tea Bag Planting Experiment

Chuck says, “There’s the boy. Are the dogs gone?”
“Nope. Still here, man.”

So, I read somewhere that you could start seeds in used tea bags. Well, we go through quite a bit of tea ’round here, so, I thought, What the heck? I’ll save ’em up and give it a go.


I collected the tea bags in a plastic coffee container. This, as it turns out, was a bad idea. I highly recommend getting the egg tray out, covering it with paper towels and putting the teabags on there as you go along. Because….
Yeah, ew.
In fairness- the Bigelow didn’t do this, neither did the Traditional Medicinals Mothers’ Milk, or the Twinnings. This was Tazo Calm.
…I am not sure if it’s a good sign or a bad sign they didn’t mold. Like, what’s in there that makes that happen?
Doin’ it up. First, we cut the top off of the teabags. We placed the teabags into a prepared egg crate. Prepared was, damped paper towels, smooshed carefully down to hold the tea bags. Then, we smooshed the tea bags some more, to create pockets.

We are letting them dry out, actually. That mold was gross. I don’t know enough to know if it’s beneficial, but I cannot imagine having moldy starter is good for much of anything. I might be wrong about that.

Going to let them dry out, (The moldy teabags were tossed in the compost) and then mist a bit to start seeds. Stay tuned, true believers.



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  1. […] Teabag seeds: Eeeeh. So far, I’m just not sure. However, I know I am at that “I’m just not sure” point you only get from obsessively eyeballing your seed starters, so I have to let it slide a bit. Still, keeping the towel moist has been…bleargh. Watched pots and all that. Waiting on seedlings drives me bonkers- and when I’ve got some seedlings already popping up outside to be excited about, it’s rough, man! I’ve got to get out and get my other containers prepped, as well as the raised beds. Kurt and I already prepared this awesome little side-bed out of a place that probably would have been overlooked in respect to vegetable gardening: but it’s nice, dark and wormy earth. I’m thinking salsa garden. […]


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