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I am so very un-perfect.

I tend to jump all over people for being overly sanctimonious about food choices and the like: because, well, people sometimes assume that I am some kind of no bleached foods, no bad anything, super perfect organic crazy-insane super mom.

I am none of those things, save for possibly “crazy-insane” and “mom”.

I am also not being humble, I am being intimidated by those labels. Recently, I mentioned something about eating at a fast food joint on the way to get my eldest son- and you could hear the gasp across the internet.

I don’t want that shit, thank you, kindly.

I do my best to make the food choices that matter to me, but by and large, these things dictate said food choices:

1. I really hate it when I don’t know what the hell that ingredient is. As a result, when it’s a deliberately misleading name for a common ingredient we all know: MSG is a great example: I will typically not purchase said item. Why? Because I hate that kind of dishonesty. Now, if it’s listed as “MSG” on the label? I might buy it, I might not. This is just an example. I do not like high fructose corn syrup in my products, I don’t like GMOs. I try to avoid them- but it is becoming increasingly difficult: hence the gardening and raising chickens. (WHiiiich I still have to put together the coop. Yeehaw.) My biggest thing is: people have a right to know so they can then make the choice. That kind of thing pisses me off and will cause me to not purchase a product.

2. Price. Unless Whole Paycheck’s really got a stunner of a deal and I happen to be in an area with one: I don’t step foot into that place. I tend to TRY to get the best quality for the best price, and I know enough about nutrition and food chemistry to know when it’s worthwhile to spend the extra money and when it is not.

3. Cruelty. By and large- I am not a boycotter because 9 times out of 10: these asshole companies pass the hurt on down to the “little man” that works for them and I don’t like that. There are, I believe, other ways to stick it to them. However….battery hens, factory farms and other things: I can’t. I feel like I want to vomit just smelling it if I know that the conditions were bad for the animals that went into my meal. I used to be an ethical vegetarian- and the way I’ve come to a happy medium place is this. Usually, my reasons for avoiding a product or company all together have more to do with personal principal and less to do with “making a statement”.

Anyhoo- those are my big ones. While I do all I can to make sure I know where my food comes from and what goes into the food I prepare- therefor, usually making it MUCH healthier: you can’t always do that. And it’s not always for altruistic reasons or for reasons of economy: I’m not gonna lie: I have got an insane love affair with Sonic chili cheese coneys, for instance and I feel relatively sure there’s probably crap in those that is pickling my innards: but every now and again, I want it.

Okay, that’s kinda bad, because it’s not “every now and again”, it’s a lot, but I’m kinda piggie like that.

If I looked, I bet there’s a reason that’s god awful and goes against something I believe in: which is why at this juncture: I have not looked. Which is selfish, it’s bad, and probably makes me look like a real turd: but I am being honest. That’s all I really want to be able to do- and I don’t know about the others who blog about these kinds of things: but man, if I mention eating something and someone actually GASPS- I tend to want to point out that I chased it with a menthol cigarette. (Another bad bad vice of mine- but shit, at least we KNOW WHAT THEY DO.)

I just want it kinda out there: I don’t want to be known as any kinda super hero, I don’t want to be seen as some paragon of clean, healthy living, and I really, really don’t want people to gasp in horror or assume I do not know what’s in what I am eating. Most of the time, I do and well, I enjoy a good, traditional haggis- if you can eat that, you can eat pretty much anything.



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