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Getting the garden going: starting from scratch

Only…not so much.

You’d think that this would be a relatively simple undertaking- and I tell you, I’m writing at the expense of my own embarrassment here. It’s kind of my hope that people who think they just can’t or that think it’s an awful lot of work will see our progress and nod, feeling totally inspired.

In all likelihood, you’ll probably just nod, feeling my need for a better editor.

We have awesome raised beds here and plenty of space. You’d think with a start like that, we’d have this thriving, amazing garden: but nope. Last year it was pregnancy and drought. I’d step outside and feel like I sweated out all the fluids in my body, and then, my hands, feet and ankles would swell up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. It wasn’t pretty, and neither was using that as an excuse.

I kept telling myself that having a baby was actually really good motivation to Get Shit Done.

I have a real problem with those three words: Get Shit Done.

I’m pretty sure that new project ADD is a thing.

I took on this page because I thought it was a great thing- and now I am looking at my measly under 20 likes and my one blog post, here, thinking, “Well, crap.” Looking at the other Punk Rock Homesteaders pages- you get this feeling of overwhelm. Holy shit, surely, surely there’s more interest in a Midwest Punk Rock Homesteaders page!

Yes, I am whining about our social media status. Actually, I am whining about Starting At The Beginning. (Oh god, I’ve got a Disney Mary Poppins’ song in my head. Crap.)

For those of you also just getting started- with anything, know this:

I have about a million varieties of seeds from Baker Creek and Sustainable Seed Company.

I have a seedling tray with little baby onions, spinach and snow peas.

I have a chicken coop plan I am looking at on my bookmarks toolbar.

I have a 3.5 month old baby I am trying to think of a really awesome sling to contain while I get this stuff going and a 7 year old who is lagging a bit on his math homeschooling.

If you’re just getting started, quite technically, so am I.

I feel like I should say something inspiring right now, but all I can think is, “I should top off my coffee.”



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  1. We started at the beginning, too. I'm not 100% sure we've moved very far past the starting line – even a year into this craziness. While we're enjoying our surprise success at farmer's markets – I STILL have problems with Project ADD/Shiny Ball Syndrome. And I have to admit, I have MAJOR issues with Get Shit Done. I have to be completely honest, if it weren't for Bob being such an awesome Ya-Gotta-Stay-Focused coach/nag/PIA, I wouldn't have half the stuff done that we do. It is overwhelming when you look at where you want to be (wherever that is) and how much road there is between you and that spot. Boy howdee – do I know that feeling. I mean, come on, we're trying to get a third of an acre planted in less than 3 weeks, keep up on 3000 seedlings in the garage-turned-holy-crap-the-greenhouse-is-too-small, jump through the 43,000 hoops to get 4 national/state licenses we need this year, AND remodel the kitchen before the end of the month – when the market craziness REALLY gets out of hand. Man, if I looked at the big picture of where we want be by the end of the year…I'd go batshit crazy before my coffee got cold. So, we've decided to keep the big picture in mind, but only as a directional beacon. Day to day? We just make a list of Shit to Get Done and try to get as much of it done as possible. Tomorrow – we pick up where we left off and add more shit to the list. Progress is progress – no matter how big or small – so long as we keep going and making progress every day, we'll get there eventually. I hope. Please. Pretty pretty pretty please. :DYou'll get where you want to go. You will. One day, one to-do list at a time. Before you know it, you'll look back and think DAMN! 😉


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