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Oh, it’s about that time- but how do you manage your period in a sustainable fashion?

I really tried to think of something witty for the title, or at least something hur hur hur goofy, but alas, I could not.

I don’t know if you remember, but I did in fact, make a post about that. I’m now hitting just about ten months post partum and still no return, so, my review of re-usable menstrual products will just have to wait. I opened it because I was all cramptastic- but, turns out, as usual, I probably just ate something I shouldn’t have. Return of That is my post, introducing the Keeper Moon Cup. My post is admittedly, not nearly as useful as the ones I’m about to toss you.

I thought maybe I’d make a post that was more useful and then I noticed a friend was reviewing an alternative menstrual product, so, well, here we are.

First, I’d like to go into reusable pads. Cloth pads. Moon pads. Whatever you call them- you’ve probably never bled on anything this cute. Or comfortable. Or better for the environment than the standard you see in the stores. I just pulled up a random Etsy seller, here, I’m going to admit that here and now. But, Epicerma has sock monkey Moon Pads and that’s good enough for me.

Next, the Keeper, which I already mentioned. Outside the Lines- which I was drawn to for the mancandy, has a write up about that. Being as I’m still waiting and dreading the return of my period, I thought I’d throw out someone who did have experience with it, so, there you go.

THEN, we have The Hippy Gardener’s fantastic write up of Femmycycle. Green Your Life: One Period At a Time goes into great detail about what looks to be a fairly comfortable alternative. That no spill design is what gets me- I’m a clutz and I’m actually pretty sure that as I learn to use my Keeper, I’m probably gonna make a mess or two. Yeeargh.

Oddly enough, my Diva Cup offering for you comes from Jezebel- and the reason I post it is this: apart from the fact that it’s a really candid and good write up, the comments are also very useful. Well, apart from the usual “OMG BLOOD FROM MY VAG EEEEW” stuff. I don’t really know how some people live being that grossed out by their own bodies, but I reckon some do. I get not wanting to paint with it or whatever, but it is what it is, kids, get over it. You do it. Walk it of- wait, that’s a baseball reference. There’s no crying in baseball. Anyhooooo, The Survival Mom also offers a great post and an excellent discussion in the comments.

And, there you have it, some not so wasteful options for dealing with your period.
For the pain and irritability- I’d love to say there’s always wine, but though I stand by that: someone will tell me it’s a crappy idea because of reasons I already know about, owing to quite a bit of education on the subject. One day, everyone on the internet will learn to take a joke.

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